Customer-Centric Culture

The speed and complexity of global business are challenging your company to move faster, work smarter and think further ahead than the competition. To be successful, you need a culture that understands, predicts and responds to your customers' problems as well as understands your competition and current market dynamics.

The Market Responsiveness Index (MRI)™ provides a powerful benchmark by which companies can rank and rate their level of responsiveness to customers needs, competitive threats, and market and business environmental changes against other companies in their industry and adjacent markets.
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It’s about building a culture in which the customer is at the heart of all decisions made within every function and unit. It's about developing a long term customer-focused Strategy

What does it measure?

There are numerous elements to any corporate culture. However, the MRI™ measures only those cultural factors that are most directly linked to competitive advantage and business performance.

It measures 8 specific customer-centric factors, listed below, that have been proven to drive sustainable business performance and competitive advantage.

Performance relationship with power

Measures behaviors that reliably predict superior business performance. The graph highlights this high degree of predictability. It compares the correlation between an MRI™ score and business performance with other commonly known correlations.

Why measure customer-centric culture?

A strong customer culture is the single most important driver of future business performance. Customer culture is to performance what living is to breathing. Now it can be measured using the MRI - a valid tool based on years of systematic research.

  • Engages leaders and staff with a common goal of focus on the customer
  • Acts as a lead indicator of future business performance

Ask BHD Asia about MRI

  • BHD Asia helps you focus on those customer culture factors that are critical to your strategy.
  • Enables you to measure and benchmark your most important customer culture drivers, set targets, take action and track progress.
  • Creates a unified focus on the customer and helps communicate priorities to all staff.
  • Enables you to engage and inspire staff to focus on activities that provide value for customers